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You are probably aware by now that I am a huge fan of the movie “The Secret” and I truly believe that positive thoughts with intention can turn our life around.

I was looking through some videos on Blessings Freely Facebook page when I came across one shared on 27-April titled “Your Body Has The Power To Heal Itself”, and I just had to transcript it to share.

It’s been discovered in the laboratory that INTENTION does have PHYSICAL EFFECTS.

The Placebo Effect:

A belief that a person can override their biology.

AT LEAST 1/3 of all healing has to do with the placebo effect.

Sending an intention that I am BETTER… Is sending information to the body to CORRECT ITSELF.

When we think POSITIVE THOUGHTS, we release chemicals into our body.

When we think NEGATIVE THOUGHTS, we release NEGATIVE CHEMICALS into our body.

We know that our brains are changeable… we know that our bodies are changeable…


1/3 of ALL HEALING occur without anything other than having A POSITIVE THOUGHT.

There’s more to us than we think! ???

Are you are at a point in life whereby you think that you cannot compete any more with the younger,

energetic or the older, shrewd colleagues in the work force, due to looming health issues

that was highlighted in the latest doctor’s check-up report, and you are about resign to your “fate” and too tired to move forward?

I did, when I was recovering from my stroke and thought that my life is over,

that I cannot live a fulfilling life anymore. But 2 years after the stroke, I am more than just coping fine,

I’ve made some major life decisions, its not easy for sure and I am still adjusting to it, but it is definitely moving towards a more fulfilling life. 🙂

Discover this first step which can let you have a fulfilling life.