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Boosterpack Your Fitness, Health and Wellness Business with these Content Strategy Templates.

Here's What You'll Get If You

Get The 30 Days Content Template

  • 30 days worth of planned content for Health, Wellness and Fitness Niche. So that you don’t need to think of what to post and when to post it

  • Professionally designed, done-for-you content posts with photos / quotes / engagement prompts

  • In the layout best suited for your social media platform

  • Personalize the posts easily in minutes just by adding in your logo / website link / contact, with Canva.

  • And best of all, choose the content template that is catered to your business niche.

  • ''It's easy to customize and personalize it. I wish that there's templates for the seasons.''


    ''Holy sh*t! This is so good. I’ll buy it from you in a heartbeat.''


    ''I feel very excited and fun because I can click and drag and edit my logo and my website link. I love DIY very much so I enjoyed discovering what I can put onto and make it MINE or represent my brand, something like that. I do enjoy the whole process from the pre-post editing.''


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