5 Things You Should Quit To Be Successful In Life ???

5 Things You Should Quit To Be Successful In Life ???

What is success?

According to wiki, Success may refer to: Attainment of higher social status.  Achievement of a goal, for example academic achievement. Success is the opposite of failure.  However, success may mean something different to every individual, it’s like the saying ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder.’

It is up to you to determine what success means to you, and how can you go about amplifying success in your life.

Although, you are going to face some challenges before you reach your goals to success.
But don’t fret because of what you seek, or be afraid that your actions are blocking your desire for success.

Remember, you have the power and control to quit the following mind blocks:

1)   Quit Making Excuses

Stop blaming others when you don’t get what you want.  Take responsibility of your own mistakes. It is you that’s making the choices and causing the mistakes that happen, not other people. To be completely brutal, stop justifying your poor choices and stop referring your lack of success to things not within your control. You’re going to err and fail. Instead, look within and analyze, in a non-judgmental manner.  Plan out on what you can do better the next time. Don’t waste your time by making pathetic excuses for why you didn’t achieve success.

2)   Quit Focusing on the Negative Points

There are negative circumstances you have no control over.  But also in every dark side there is always a bright side of things. I dare say that you have more positives in your life than negatives, you just have to focus on the positives and concentrate on all the good things. Don’t disregard the negative as we can learn something from it too, but don’t dwell on it.

My friends who know me well knows that my favorite line is “there’s always 2 sides to a story, it’s up to you to look at the bright side or the brighter side”. Focus on the positives and you will start attracting the good things into your life. You’re capable of living with a positive perspective.

3)   Quit Being Afraid of Failure

As stated previously, YOU’RE GOING TO FAIL, at some point or other! There are no reasons to fear failure. Failure isn’t a reflection of you as a flawed person.  Think of failure as an opportunity to grow. Learn to embrace it.  Learn from your mistakes and ultimately improve from it.

4)   Quit Beating Yourself Up

Don’t beat yourself up, both physically or mentally.  It is crucial to learn how to skillfully deal with your thoughts and emotions when you’re facing conflicting situations. It’s okay to get upset over things. Expressing emotions is good but do it in an appropriate manner. It’s okay to be unhappy from time to time, but don’t dwell over unpleasant memories and beat yourself up over things that happened already. Too much time and energy spent can divert your attention away from the more important priorities of your progress to success.

5)   Quit Giving Up

Successful people don’t give up.  They commit themselves to reaching their final goal. They may not get there yet or maybe never, but they don’t allow challenges to prevent them from trying. So you should just grit your teeth and continue on despite failures and disappointments.

 “Just because I can’t do it today, doesn’t mean that I’m not gonna do it someday.”
~ Arthur Boorman

They say that at the very moment you want to quit, you’re actually almost there. 

The fundamental backbone of success is to do your best.  Putting forth your best effort, without harming others in the process, then you’re a successful person. This can apply to your work, family, friends, relationships, etc.

Let me end this sharing with the following quote…

“Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.”
~John Wooden

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